Mercurius B.V.

Mercurius – Because schools need art

  • Mercurius, the worldwide distributor for Stockmar and specialist in quality supplies for (Waldorf) schools.
  • is the leading supplier to Waldorf schools worldwide
  • combines years of experience with energy and innovation
  • offers a core selection of products internationally
  • is dependable and committed to collaborating with our customers
  • actively embraces social and environmental responsibilities
  • subjects all products to extensive safety and environmental testing
  • is committed to offering only quality, safe products that meet all applicable standards
  • Mercurius succeeds by providing Waldorf and other schools the best products available at fair prices, by collaborating constructively withcustomers and vendors, and by using business to inspire and implement solutions to social and environmental needs.

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  • Mercurius B.V.
  • Esp 215
  • 5633 AD Eindhoven

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